Razale Scott Olivier

I spent my childhood exploring the countryside, seeking out my own entertainment and adventure. I was brought up in a household where there were none of the numbing distractions of TV or computers. Making beautiful and interesting things out of inanimate objects became an everyday obsession.

Growing up, I acquired a strong desire to constantly drive my creativity forwards. Over the years I expressed emotions that are inherent in all of us through singing and writing whilst still being fascinated with homemade crafts. These emotions still continue to fuel my designs.


My passion for jewellery making developed whilst living in France. After experimenting with beads, charms and found objects, I was introduced to the versatility of precious metals.
Captivated by how a simple, plain piece of metal could be transformed into something stunning, I became hooked and chose to pursue working in this medium.

Having lived overseas for eleven years, I returned to my roots in North Devon with my French husband and bi lingual dog. After being mostly self taught alongside attending master classes, I set up my own workshop and launched the Flambeaux Jewellery label in 2007. From here, I built up a collection of work that symbolises my endless admiration for Devon’s scenery.

I simply adore producing unusual, exquisite designs that celebrate the Devonshire countryside. I thrive on the association jewellery has with love. Whether this be the giving of a gift to marking a special event, I will always help you find that personal connection to a design that you’ll want to wear forever.

I delight in sharing my enthusiasm for jewellery with you so that you can treasure a piece of nature close to you where ever you go.