Discover the Studio

Flambeaux Jewellery is a Devon based independent jewellery label, created by designer / maker Razale Scott Olivier.

I am constantly fascinated by what you can discover hidden away in the Devonshire countryside. I feel very lucky to have the perfect surroundings for my workshop, located in North Devon.

Intriguing places never fail to provide a wealth of inspiration. Sightings of a curious creature, animal prints, striking colours and patterns on an ancient tree, eroded landscape. A wild flower nestled in the undergrowth, a tempting fruit, just out of reach. I love to capture these delightful finds in my jewellery that is made especially for you.

Back in the workshop, the challenge is bringing my scene of characters and sketches to life. Using traditional techniques and hand tools at my work bench I design and hand make each original piece of jewellery. This involves an intricate process of hand piercing, reticulation and forming precious metals alongside wax carving to create desired objects. These are then cast using the lost wax casting method to produce stunning, contemporary jewellery with a striking contrast of bold and delicate detail.

My jewellery carries the Flambeaux Jewellery Hallmark at the Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office in London, providing assurance of the quality of craftsmanship.

Dramatic textures and finishes compliment organic forms, creating my signature style. For that magic touch, selected items feature vibrant precious and semi precious gem stones alongside accents of gold. Hidden elements lend an enigmatic feel to my designs that will entice you to touch, hold and treasure. Romantic and timeless, each collection tells a unique story of nature’s hidden beauty.